psgrFrontBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, showPSGR);

import flash.display.Bitmap;
import flash.display.BitmapData;
import flash.utils.getDefinitionByName;

var psgrImg:Bitmap = new Bitmap();
var classDefinition:Object = getDefinitionByName("prophethumvpsngdoor.png");
var img:BitmapData = new classDefinition(1,1);
psgrImg.bitmapData = img;
function showPSGR(event:MouseEvent):void {
psgrImg.x = 230;
psgrImg.y = 50;
psgrImg.width = psgrImg.width*1.1;
psgrImg.height = psgrImg.height*1.1;


Actions, not words show how much you know.
Sometimes the easiest thing to do is the hardest.
The rest of the time, the hardest thing to do is the easiest.
A big task is nothing more than many little tasks.
No matter how good you are at something… You can always work on your people’s skills.
Please don’t tell me how much you know about a subject or how you would do things differently.
I’m busy, one of us has to get shit done.
Please don’t go in circles about a subject.. We’ve been around that block many times.
If you can’t explain it in simple words… I’m just not interested.
Great knowledge comes with great responsibilities.
Please don’t become an smart ass.
What is the difference between a wise man and an smart ass,
one of them is full of wisdom… the other one is an asshole.
Life is all about the little things…Please hurry up, I have little patience.
Other Quotes:
“I don’t have a special talent, I am just exremetly curious” – Albert Einstein
“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” – Albert Einstein
“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” – Albert Einstein

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