Here is a solution that worked for me, or at least it saved me time. My FLA file got corrupted, but luckily I had successfully saved just a few minutes prior. Here is what I did, you might need to modify your search query to tailor to your project, you’ll understand in a second.

  1. Copy corrupted file to local drive.
  2. Rename the corrupted file extension of the FLA file to ZIP.
  3. Use Windows Explorer to unzip the file to a folder.
  4. Open newly created folder and search its content for one of the following things: movie clip name that has actionscript, or a function name in your actionscript you remember.
  5. Open each XML in the search results to find your source code.
  6. Open a previous working version of the same file and save it with a new name.
  7. Paste your actionscript from the XML into your FLA actionscript frame accordingly.
  8. Repeat the previous step for each actionscript frame you know you made changes since the last successful save.

There you have it, You just recovered some actionscript from a corrupted FLA file.

I’m sure using the same approach will let you recover artwork done if flash, you might need to zip both a working version and a corrupted version, then copy the xml files from the corrupted zip into the working zip version. Then, change the extension back to .fla once all the xml objects are added.


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