function setRegPoint(obj:DisplayObjectContainer, newX:Number, newY:Number):void {
//get the bounds of the object and the location
//of the current registration point in relation
//to the upper left corner of the graphical content
//note: this is a PSEUDO currentRegX and currentRegY, as the
//registration point of a display object is ALWAYS (0, 0):
var bounds:Rectangle = obj.getBounds(obj.parent);
var currentRegX:Number = obj.x – bounds.left;
var currentRegY:Number = obj.y – bounds.top;

var xOffset:Number = newX – currentRegX;
var yOffset:Number = newY – currentRegY;
//shift the object to its new location–
//this will put it back in the same position
//where it started (that is, VISUALLY anyway):
obj.x += xOffset;
obj.y += yOffset;

//shift all the children the same amount,
//but in the opposite direction
for(var i:int = 0; i < obj.numChildren; i++) {
obj.getChildAt(i).x -= xOffset;
obj.getChildAt(i).y -= yOffset;

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